Zanders | Buried Men

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

During the opening couple of minutes of Buried Men it’s not impossible to imagine Alex Saraceno belting out her magnificently agile vocal in some dimly lit, starlight-spangled lounge, such is the purity of its deliverance. To think of that same situation after you’ve sat through the band’s glorious new record is something else entirely, however, her wild voice having ripped your heart and head to shreds across the album’s eight tracks.

Which is to say that Zanders’ new full-length, released today via the ever-loveable Seagreen Records, is a brilliantly turbulent ride, one which finds as much space for mellow meanderings as it does for forcible tirades, the aforementioned vocal cutting a spectacularly path through the heart of the trio’s always-inventive brand of percussion-led, piano-drenched guitar pop. Lead track ‘Twin-Sized Priorities‘ remains a cutting highlight but ‘Buried Men‘ is a one of those rare beasts that works far better as a whole, a heady ride made all the more triumphant when sat through from start to finish. Lucky for you then that you can do exactly that via the full album stream below. Strap yourself in…

Buy theĀ Buried Men cassetteĀ  here, via Seagreen Records


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