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Yr Poetry

Rocket Season

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

The Inception of bedroom-pop side-projects, perhaps, Yr Poetry return today with brand new EP Rocket Season, and we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of it and also guide you towards this rather wonderful bundle that goes on sale today.

To bring you up to speed, Yr Poetry is the combined talents of Yr Friends and Fridge Poetry, two side-projects of Johnny Foreigner’s Lex and Junior, respectively. Pooling their singular talents together, 2014’s ‘No Tribes’ EP was a succulent head-rush of brash instrumentals and heartening vocals, and Rocket Season fires off in much the same way, melding pop-punk aesthetics with that fiery sense of listlessness that underpins their main venture so beautifully.

Flipping between the raucous energy of opening track ‘Don’t Call Me Shirley‘ and the more Jofo-leaning refinement of the beaten-dog anthem ‘We Are Not The Champions‘ and the rousing finale, ‘Sleepwalker‘, the EP doesn’t just act as a gleaming appetite-whetter ahead of the new Johnny Foreigner record (coming later this year?) but sits firmly and proudly as a sturdy blast of inspired DIY-pop in its own right.

Stream the new EP in full, beneath this here mighty-fine introduction from Lex:

So this is Rocket Season, me and Jun’s second Yr Poetry record. We started doing YP because apparently my head has too many songs for band and bedroom project alone; this serves as a release valve for the spare big dumb and obvious riffs, and has the attractive caveat that it doesn’t have to *mean anything. Our ‘real’ band is a long and involved process involving adults (and their money) on three continents and enough of an invested fan-base to warrant our output being thought about and put together to the absolute best we can. Like, we’re in our 30s and not making any money from this thing we’ve invested so much time and energy in; so the artistic side of it has to be very fucking good in order to justify still doing it. It’s a weird pressure that I don’t think the bit of my brain that shits out songs quite understands. Jun, on the other hand, also does JF, Fridge Poetry, plays in Mutes, and has a daughter and a decent IRL job, so idk what his excuse is. I guess we’ve realised in the last few years that making music to the extent we do is not so much a conscious lifestyle choice we’ve made as much as it’s an integral part of who we are as humans. Yr Poetry feels v natural. This was made over a weekend in JFs rehearsal space, recorded by James and Josh from Mutes and mixed by Dom James. We’re super proud how it turned out and vaguely side eye confident that it stands as a rad piece of music without being propped up by a *side project of… tag. Maybe this is a real band too, it sorta feels like it could be. And it’s definitely a better record than anything by official UK indie winners Catfish and the Bottlemen, so who knows, maybe this is our mainstream breakout project. That naive optimism. Believing in the best possible future. We’ve come this far, we’ll be on Mars within the year. Rocket Season, everybody…


Pre-order the Rocket Season bundle here


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