LA Font | Pretty In Love

by Kris Lavin

You wake up and it’s morning; bright light is streaming through the blinds of your bedroom and across your face and eyes. You don’t get up. Shuffling around in bed a bit, it feels as though you’ve been caught in a net in the middle of the night and you don’t know how to get out. Thoughts of the day ahead leak into your mind. Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do yesterday? You think. Did I fall asleep instead and now it’s morning? Hmm. Yeah. Oh shit, yeah, that thing.

The net that you were just hanging in suddenly disintegrates and you’re plummeted into the cold water below, scrambling for a way out. You try to think about how you’re going to explain your way out of the situation but you can’t think straight, eventually landing on the words “I ain’t a bad guy, though I fucked up your life”.

These are the opening lyrics of ‘Pretty in Love‘ by LA Font, and while the assertion that you’re not a bad guy will nine-times-out-of-ten not sound wholly convincing, it’s a statement that everyone can relate to in some way or another. It’s a statement that kicks off this song like a slacker’s starting gun. ‘Pretty in Love‘ is a chill little nugget of west-coast indie rock, concocted with a heady mix of crunchy guitar; punchy, catchy My Sharona drums and words that portray an almost liberating confidence in not-caring-a-whole-lot. The chorus has lots of “oooohs” and there’s a freaky guitar solo and the bass and the guitar sound like they’re talking to each other sometimes. It sounds like Minutemen for the 2010s, jamming econo in a way that is somehow distinctly very Californian.  It’s one of many great songs on an upcoming two-albums-on-one-cassette deal being released by Fleeting Youth Records, a double-whammy reissue of the band’s two full-length albums which is absolutely worth checking out.

The new cassette is released on October 13th – pre-order here.


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