Young Scum

If You Say That


by tom johnson

Blessed with the kind of jubilant burst of guitar that should only be consumed with the windows down and some long, aimless stretch of road laid out in front of you, ‘If You Say That‘ is the radiant, nostalgia-drenched new song from Richmond’s Young Scum, and it finds the quartet shaping their love of Teenage Fanclub in to three often-adorable minutes.

Lifted from their new five-track EP, Zona, which is set for release later this month via Citrus City, the track can feel both warm and/or rousing depending upon the nature within which its consumed; the lazy lead vocal changing in the light of the day while the gleaming guitars pummel forward regardless. Fiery and infectious, and armed with a loose-tongue that exudes rich, human angst throughout, it’s an impressive leap forward – and you can check it out below right now.



photograph by henry archer

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