Young Girls

Broke For Dreaming

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Awash with radiant guitars and fretful energy from the outset, ‘Broke For Dreaming‘ is a mightily strong new track from Party Blood, the brand new album from Texas trio Young Girls, which is released later this year via the ever-excellent Austin Town Hall Records.

Led by that gleaming croon of a lead vocal, the track digs away at those encroaching summer vibes, presenting the kind of buoyant bout of guitar pop that kind shape your present situation in to any wistful daydream you care to conjure up. Shaped most notably by the storming layers of guitar that drive the whole thing forward like the most endearing of head-rushes, you can stream the new track right now and pre-order the album via the link below.

Pre-order Party Blood here, via Austin Town Hall


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