The Moon Hangs in The Sky Like Nothing Hangs in The Sky


by ross jones

Johanne Swanson, the musician behind Brooklyn based-project Yohuna, comes across as an unsettled soul, one who is unable to sit in one place for too long. In always looking to develop the way in which she engages herself in creativity and continuously satiate a hunger for knowledge, Swanson has crafted an adventure that is sonically wondrous and emotionally investing. ‘The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Nothing Hangs In The Sky‘, a further document from Yohuna’s upcoming debut record, weighs heavy with such elements.

An incapsulating merger of revolving synthesisers and overwhelming distortion, the track focuses acutely on the battle of light and dark, as if fireworks tussling in the aforementioned sky. Swanson’s hushed tones are pacifying, almost tranquillising in their beauty as the track orbits within a never-ending cycle; Swanson celestially murmurs the track’s striking cry of “We shall repeat this” as it unwillingly fades into the ether.

Breathtaking in it’s balanced colouring of images, the ‘Patientness’ LP looks set to present the vibrant paintings of an evocative mind. It’s released September 9th, via Orchid Tapes, and you can stream the new track below.

Pre-order the new album here, via Orchid Tapes



photograph by brian vu

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