Wild Pink

4th of July


by tom johnson

There’s a collection of stars, seven in fact, known to you and I as Seven Sisters or as Pleiades to the more well-versed. Clumped together in that big wide expanse of the sky beyond our own, their most fascinating aspect is that they’re far more opulent when you look just past them. Stare directly at their little group and they tend to flicker and fade, but lay your eyes somewhere near them and they glow far more brightly, like timid creature from some faraway tale.

This is pertinent here not just because Wild Pink mention stars in their beautiful new track, 4th Of July, but because the music too seems to hold far more weight when you zone out a little from the here and now, letting the soft strums of guitar and that dusty voice perform its graceful dance somewhere in the distance, like the remnants of the memory of a dream that unravels when you try and climb directly back inside of it.

Taken from a new EP, recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Speedy Ortiz), and released to pre-empt an entire new full-length which will arrive next year via Tiny Engines, this sense of distant dimness is leant extra credence by the fact these tracks are, in some regard, supposed to be exactly that; a supplement, a postscript, to what next year’s record might hold. And in that respect ‘4th of July’ is beautifully intriguing, an antiquated voice, all grain and must, cracked by the weather and the passing of time but presented with the quiet voice you couldn’t help but ignore – as long as you don’t look directly at it. Listen below.

The ‘4 songs’ EP is out October 7th, via Tiny Engines

You can pre-order it here




photo credit: andrew dominguez


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