First Listen:

Wild Ones

‘Standing In The Back At Your Show’


words by tom johnson

With their shadowy, twitchy ‘Paresthesia‘ still very much ringing in our ears and mind, Wild Ones add even greater levels of intrigue and expectation to their forthcoming new record with brand new track ‘Standing in the Back at Your Show‘, which we’re very pleased to unveil here today, a few weeks ahead of the quintet’s Mirror Touch LP on the ever-formidable Topshelf Records.

Informed by a far more laid-back sway than its predecessor, the new track is a sumptuous undertaking, one that bleeds an acutely subtle prickliness through the elegant shell of the composition which does its best to hide the such sentiments from view. “Standing in the Back at Your Show is about young love when it’s completely inappropriate and unwieldy,” the band tell us, regarding the new track. “It’s about young love when it’s completely inappropriate and unwieldy. It began as a story about my husband and I, who is also a musician, and morphed into a semi fictional tale of its own.”

Bubbling away with that same level of intangible magic that has underpinned all their work to-date (2013’s ‘Keep It Safe’ LP is a gleaming gem of a record), the new track makes for a beautifully compelling three-minutes or so – and you can stream the whole thing below right now. Listen in…

Pre-order ‘Mirror Touch’ here, via Topshelf Records




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