Gorgeous Bully | Smiling, Laughing

by Tom Johnson

I want Gorgeous Bully to win. In fact, I want Gorgeous Bully carried on the shoulders of strangers and paraded through the streets. They won’t be, of course. There is little chance of them even being ‘successful’, whatever that might mean. Not for a lack of anything in particular, it’s just not the nature of the industry and it’s certainly the not the nature of the music they make. I care, though. We care. So let’s hope that the fact that some people give a shit is enough for now. Enough for another push, for a few more songs.

New collection Smiling, Laughing more than justifies this desire for longevity. A new collection featuring thirteen tracks; some odds-and-ends, a handful of sketches, a few stand-alone tracks. Don’t simply brush it off as filler though; the album was carefully collated and thought-over, designed to be listened to as one piece – and, most importantly, it works tremendously.

It was released with little fanfare as a name-your-price download via Bandcamp, and that such inconspicuousness can lead to an offering as endearing as this is testament to the bands way with words and sound. Lead track ‘Misery Loves Company‘ radiates the kind of warmth you need from an opener; buzzing and humming its way through four sumptuously Autumnal minutes, it already feels ingrained in the very fibre of the season that I’m barely able to listen to anything else at the moment.

But I do, and you should, because the rest of the record offers up a number of moments just as rewarding. From the hazy jangle found on ‘Bug Out‘ and ‘Sinking Feeling‘ to the more melancholic offerings such as ‘I Kept Your Teeth In A Jar By My Bed‘ and ‘I Wish I Knew How To Fall Out Of Love‘ it’s a timely reminder that sometimes the best bands are right there under your nose. And let it be said that Gorgeous Bully smell better than most.

You can listen to ‘Misery Loves Company‘ below and also head right HERE to stream/download the whole album.



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