Like The Fly

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Chasing the coat-tails of last year’s Burger Records-released cassette tape, Patrick Nolan, Misha Lindes, and Ross Chait link arms under the Walter umbrella once more for a dazzling new 7″ which is set for release on July 1st, via Famous Class.

Today it’s the turn of the flip-side, Like The Fly, to lavish its immeasurable charm upon these summers days, drifting between hardened, crunchy guitar solos and vocal mediations that offer something far more restrained. Unwrapping itself over four, rather breathless, minutes, the new track is a heady trip, the tone and pace chopping and changing regularly but always rushing forth regardless. It’s perhaps those aforementioned solos that shape the track most prominently, however; radiant, gnarly bursts of noodling guitar work that sends the track careering off in to the baying arms of the season.

In short, this is wonderful; exemplary guitar-pop of the highest order. Stream the new track right now and buy it via the link below.

‘Poetics Of Space/Like The Fly’ 7″ is released on July 1st, via Famous Class

You can pre-order it here


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