Chew Toy


by tom johnson

Spawned by the need to create something within the mess and hysteria of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s Vomitface turned such unpleasantries in to something far more vital, the result of which will finally be heard at the end of this very summer with the release of the band’s debut LP, Hooray For Me. Recorded, mostly live-to-tape with the one-and-only™ Steve Albini, in a snap two-day session, the record is a imposing proposition, something exemplified by gnarly new track ‘Chew Toy’, which is streaming below from today.

Dizzyingly imbalanced throughout, the track throws spluttering vocals in to a menacing, crunching backdrop of guitars. Then comes the change, the almost subtle vocal suddenly lurching violently in to life, a scorched, tethered version of what came before, which leaps in and out of the preceding waves of noise that make up the tracks fiery and fierce five-minutes. Play this one loud – and check it out below.

Vomitface’s debut LP is released August 28th, via Help Yourself Records

You can pre-order the 12″ here



photograph by jimmy fontaine

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