Violent Mae | Long Hard Wait

by tom johnson

You could – and very well should – remember Violent Mae from this quite wonderful live “cave session” which we premiered last year and which still holds a hypnotic weight to this very day. Currently working on their second full-length effort, the Connecticut duo are releasing a series of videos to accompany some of the tracks from their thrilling debut LP – and we’re very pleased to premiere one such effort today.

Cut from a scene in Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66, the accompanying visuals to ‘Long Hard Wait’ make for an absorbing partner, a heady rush of hedonism against the crushing delicacy of the song itself. With a stern vocal in the husked-manner of Cat Power, the track is a intimate moment of weight, the kind of sentiment that hangs in the heat of the day, threatening to break apart at any given moment.

A rich, evocative moment and a reminder that sometimes the most special bands are quietly going about their business, somewhat undetected, but with the ability to shape the very fiber of your day. Check out the new video below.

Violent Mae’s debut LP is out now. Listen/Buy here.


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