Swimming Tapes

“Keep Her Closer”


words by tom johnson

photograph by parri thomas

Swimming Tapes’ debut album is one of those unhurried, seemingly effortless gems, the kind of record that makes you want to embrace summer in full glory, to be around people and places that augment those same senses, caught in the grip of a season that can flip time on its head, channeling all hopes and dreams into the now, now, now.

Coupled with that, there’s also a heavy sense of nostalgia running throughout the Morningside LP, that lends itself to something else, like all those aforementioned sentiments are getting away from us, attainable just for a second before fading into the hues, blue and white and yellow.

The record’s third single, ‘Keep Her Closer‘ exists slightly outside of that over-riding sensation, finding its own place in the quietly simmering early hours of the morning, when the world seems to belong only to yourself: “I forget the time, I forget the year.”

Introduced by one of the band’s totemic shimmering guitar lines, the track recalls the warmly flickering guitar-pop of times past, echoes of Wild Nothing and Real Estate only adding to the gentle waves of nostalgic that follow in the song’s wake. This isn’t mindless aping, however, and Swimming Tapes have always had a big enough sense of focus and identity see them right, and ‘Keep Her Closer’ is indicative of such a thing; a glowing gem of a pop song with just enough energy to warm your bones within.

The full record is out now, via London’s Hand In Hive label, and ‘Keep Her Closer’ gets a suitably charming new video today, which we’re very pleased to share with you here. Check it out below right now…


Debut album ‘Morningside‘ is out now

Buy it here:

Swimming Tapes’ upcoming live dates can be found here:

They play Hand In Hive’s fifth birthday party in November, raising money for CALM:


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