Sealions | Honey

by Tom Johnson

While the anthemic, widescreen nature of the track calls to mind sweeping sun-filled vistas, Atlanta quartet Sealions have taken a turn in the opposite direction for the accompanying video to their brilliant new single ‘Honey‘. Creating a juxtaposition which instantly grabs, the song is constrained only to one dimly lit warehouse space, the exuberance of the rich melodies shown only through the stylistic performance of the lone dancer who twists, dips and weaves to every radiant hook and every pulse of percussion.

It’s an intriguing and striking visual, and one which precedes the full release of the bands new five-track EP next month. Recorded by Jason Kingsland – who’s previously worked with the likes of Band Of Horses, Washed Out and Cults – ‘Number One Lover‘ boasts five splendidly radiant tracks, propelled forward by the buoyant rush of ‘Honey‘. Check out the new video exclusively below.

Number One Lover EP is released September 9th, via Deer Bear Wolf

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