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Video Premiere:


“Jimi Infinity”


words by tom johnson

Ahead of their forthcoming tour of Japan alongside fellow GFP-fave Lydia Ainsworth (full details here) Canadian duo Tasseomancy today share a compelling new video for “Jimi Infinity”, a hypnotic cut from their recent ‘Do Easy’ LP on Bella Union; a weightless and melodic collection of songs that still sits as a treasure-trove of musical adventure, some six months on from its initial release.

A swirling, textural piece of subtly skewed pop music, the track is lent even greater captivation thanks to the eerie new video which sees twin sisters, Sari and Romy, spliced in to various scenes that feel increasingly uncanny. Check out the new video below right now, and here’s a fuller explanation of it from Sari.

When my sister and I were little girls, we used to pour boxes of cereal onto the floor and take turns ‘swimming’ into shallow piles of stale grains, dried raisins clinging to our unbrushed hair.

ideas of Desire often seems delicious until poured into practise. As Leonard Cohen once wrote, “nothing in this human realm is meant to work”, so watch it fall fast into messy, consequential snack. Jimi Infiniti riffs on a borderless drive, an endless, impossible love and a life spurred on by the all night search for the alternative milkshake. The video makes visual nods to tom rubnitz and it’s conceptual glamour that quickly shifts shape when it’s entirety is spilled upon the kitchen floor.



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