Video Premiere:


“Amygdala (wave_drag_mix)”


words by tom johnson

While the Wichita label is perhaps best known for indie-rock heavyweights – American Football, Cloud Nothings, Ride – they’ve also has a penchant for throwing in the occasional curve-ball, and latest signings Scent fit firmly in to that bracket; a somewhat secretive trio who became one of the two bands in the label’s history to get signed following a unsolicited demo submission.

Lifted from their debut EP ‘Kim‘, Amygdala is indicative of the band’s churlish charm, and we’re very pleased to share the track’s brand new video today. A skewed electronic-pop hybrid, the track itself melds hazy vocals with a dusk-like sense of space, all enveloping clouds of half-light that sparks the imagination, illuminating nothing, but shrouding everything in deft intrigue.

The video itself is a suitably hypnotic counterpoint, a captivating blending of colours and shapes that takes the track even further in to the world of the unknown. “No great concept here,” the band say of the new video, adding little context. “These bodies are all useless. I guess we all got sick and there’s a lot of video clipping that looks best in 4K so throw away your monitor if it’s not up to scratch and go lie on the shore with your mouths open.”

Check out the new video below; the Kim EP is out now and available here.



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