Video Premiere:

Sally Dige

“This Life”


words by tom johnson

Golden light that touches my eyes 
And the sun that warms my bones 
There’s a comfort in this soothing air 
With a hope I’ve longed to know 

If ever the sentiments behind the above words were needed, it’s now, with the dense cloak of winter at its most cumbersome and enveloping. That sense of hope, that glimmer of golden can be found in many hidden places during the winter months and today it comes from Sally Dige, the artist behind those words, which are pulled from “This Life”, a gleaming cut from her equally warming full-length record, Holding On, which was released in September of last year.

Blessed with the same enigmatic intonation of previous label-mate Molly Nilsson, Dige crafts exquisite electro-pop with a tender heart; a hazy giddiness that tends to strip it of distinct time-and-place, allowing it to thrive and endear in the here and now, wherever that might be for those lucky enough to find themselves embroiled in her world(s).

“This Life” is indicative of such pleasures, a rich and buoyant that steadily immerses the listener – and we’re very excited to unveil a brand new video for it today; a cryptic, ambiguous counterpart that splices together a series of estranged imagery to create something wholly compelling; much like the music itself.

The album is out now – available here, via Bandcamp – and you can check out the video, in all of its darkly warped beauty – below right now.

Stream/Buy the “Holding On” LP here, via DKA/Avant! Records



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