Video Premiere:


“The Cage”


words by tom johnson

photograph by maren celest

“I started writing ‘The Cage’ while sitting on an enormous face of granite in Yosemite National Park, and feeling the vastness of that place,” Nika Nemirovsky says of her new track. “Now we’re all stuck inside, keenly aware of our confines, and the incredible weight of this crisis. I suppose now this song becomes an offering of hope and a reminder of the beautiful, terrifying sense of smallness we can experience when we’re immersed in nature.”

Taken from her beautiful new art-pop album, Close But Not Too Close, which is released later this Spring under Nemirovsky’s NIIKA moniker, there’s a brightness and playfulness to ‘The Cage’ which does indeed carry hope within it; a colourfulness that could only belong to the great outdoors.

Streaming here from today, the new song is a near five-minute journey of spirited instrumentation and beautifully breezy vocals, and it arrives coupled with a striking, animated video – which only plays into the otherworldliness that the natural environment currently holds for so many of us.

“[It’s] a reminder of life, space, the passage of infinite moments, blood pumping through tired legs on a hike, yelling into open air on a mountain or in a crowded bar, joy,” NIIKA goes on to say. “The animation was conceived and created entirely by Derek “Perhapsy” Barber – I don’t think there’s been a better time to engage with a bit of genius whimsy.”

The full record arrives on May 15th; check out ‘The Cage’ below right now.



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