Video Premiere:

Major Murphy

“On & Off”


words by tom johnson

photograph by alex difiglia

Tip-toeing in with all the grace required at this time of year, “On & Off” is the lovely new track from Major Murphy, kick-starting a year in which the promise of new music from the Grand Rapids trio rings louder with each passing day (they’re currently working on new music due out later this year). For now though, this new track holds more than enough weight to pass the time with glowing ease, the band’s soft lilt holding the kind of precious sway that lifts you out of the monotony of the real world and off to somewhere else entirely.

Coupled with a beautiful new video, filmed by Joshua Skinner in a greenhouse in Grand Rapids, and which offers the same sense of weightless abandon as its recorded counterpart, the new track creeps in to life, all elegant struts of guitar and breathy vocals, before slowly adding dashes of colour, expanding the the slow-crawl, five-and-a-half minutes with harmonious adornments and subtle layers of instrumentation that, upon reflection, make for the most pacifying of musical interludes, with just enough curiosity and bite for it to linger in the memory long after it’s departed.

Arriving via the ever-faithful arms of Winspear Records, check out the new video below along with a stream of the new track.




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