Video Premiere


The Matador Pt.2


words by tom johnson

photograph by philip andressen


So weightless and undefined, we still haven’t quite got to grips with Lisa/Liza’s stunning Momentary Glance LP. One of 2018’s most alluring journeys, the six-song, forty-one minute set presents ambling, spacious folks songs, fog-soaked soundscapes that murmur in the far-off distance, a dense but faded backdrop for Liza Victoria’s beautifully evocative voice to hover alongside, more pertinent, perhaps, but just as shrouded in mystery and subtlety, where the tiniest movement can shift the weight in an instant.

Released via Orindal Records, it’s another of the label’s roster that helps to breathe fresh life into the Liza’s album today, with the unveiling of a brand new video for Momentary Glance’s eight-minute soft-opus ‘The Matador Pt.2’, made by the enigmatic Karima Walker.

“We went on together in December 2018 with Advance Base; my first tour on the West Coast” Liza tells us, about how the project came to fruition. “I love the way Karima captured the mountains on our drive and the strangeness and abundance of the southwestern garden which, coming from the North-East part of the country, felt like another world to me.”

Liza’s work is indeed otherworldly, seeming to play with the rules of time and space that we taken as fact. Take this song specifically, a sprawling eight minutes that sometimes feels like it lasts for twice that length, and otherwise seems to disappear inside of itself, gone before you had a chance to really climb inside of it.

Filmed in greenhouses owned by a world renowned botanist, just outside of Tucson, the new video quietly captures the magic of the song, breaking through the cracked exterior to add new depths of colour to the and imagery to the song. “Every time your eyes move over the space, they’re pulled into these bright, gorgeous colours and forms, hypnotising you into their tiny universes,” Karima says of the space that inspired the video. “I feel Liza’s songs do something very similar, bringing the sublime and the very intimate together with beauty and tenderness and patience.”

Streaming below today, the new video is a beautiful companion piece, one of those videos that feels like it inspired the song, as well as the other way around, even though we know that not to be the case.

“I suddenly find myself somewhere else when the song is over,” Karima says. “I get pulled in and lose track of time. They’re magical in that way and I wanted to make the video feel magical too – a warmth and light emanating from all the little signs of life around her as she moved through the space. I wanted her to be woven into it.”

Check out the video below right now, explore the full album here, and catch Lisa/Liza live on May 30th at The Apohadion Theater in Portland, ME, supporting Simon Joyner & The Ghosts.



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