Video Premiere:

Jordan Moser

“The Devil”

words by tom johnson

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The cover of Jordan Moser’s new album, pictured above, features the singer-songwriter as a lone figure gently illuminated amid a sea of darkness. Suitably, his work follows a similar pattern, that beautifully oaky croon often feeling like a glimmer, the last light left in the sky as the night encroaches.

New track “The Devil” is testament to the absorbing nature of his work, a subtle three minutes of shuffling percussion and melancholic laments, the kind of work that lingers long after it’s quietly shrunk away.

Released via the ever-engaging Keeled Scales label (Buck Meek, Erin Durant) the new record – appropriately titled ‘Long Night’ – features eight worn-and-wounded songs, each of which is lent even greater weight by the addition of guest vocals from the inimitable Molly Burch, whose bewitching voice lingers in the background throughout, not so much a physical character, but, perhaps, the memory of something that can’t be shaken.

Streaming below right now, the new track comes arm-in-arm with a brand new video, crooked visuals that juxtapose the drawn-out nature of the song-writing. Heartfelt and hypnotic, ‘The Devil’ is the kind of song that immediately shrinks the world around you; an affectionate introduction that immediately marks out a record to pay the closest of attention to.

Check it out below right now; the full record is released this summer.


‘Long Night’ is released July 26th, via Keeled Scales

You can pre-order it here


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