Video Premiere:

Heather Woods Broderick

“I Try”


words & photograph by tom johnson

Shaped and salted by the small stretch of Pacific Northwest coastline within which it was devised, Heather Woods Broderick’s new album is a both powerful and undulating, a collection of heavy-hearted pop songs that drift and hover like mist and then burst into life, a storm rupturing the surrounding stillness.

Written in a small cabin in the Oregon wilderness, the album flashes between imagery of the nature at her door and something altogether more profound; her place within it, her place in the world without it.

Lifted from said record, ‘I Try’ is beautifully indicative of this pendulum-like sway, and the track’s new video even more so, as scenes flash in and out and then overlap, worlds colliding, making space for each other. “Framed within the perils and wonders of nature,” Heather explains, “I Try is an expression of recognizing discomfort and struggle while ultimately voicing the desire and drive to make changes to move through an unsettling time.”

The second in a two-part series, which launched with the equally magnetic White Tail film a few weeks ago, the video for I Try was again made in a collaboration between Devin Febbroriello and Tracy Maurice. “We enter the waves and echoes of the dream landscape,” Febbroriello explains, regarding the concept, “and follow Heather as she journeys through doorways and portals both within and without, trying to make sense of the paradoxical nature of the realm she has entered. With a nod to the twists of a fairy tale and the revelations available to those brave enough to enter the rabbit hole.”

Overflowing with ideas, and strikingly evocative throughout, the video acts as an absorbing introduction to Heather’s new record, as well as a stand-alone achievement; a bewitching five-minutes that takes you far away from your own world and deep into another.

Watch it below right now; the full ‘Invitation’ LP is released this Friday.


‘Invitation’ is released on Friday April 19th, via Western Vinyl

You can pre-order it here


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