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words by tom johnson

Taking a full two-minutes before even bothering with the vocals, “Travis” is the mighty new track from St. Louis’ Glued, and a snarling, vibrant taster of the band’s fast-approaching new four-song EP, which is released at the end of March via the ever-engaging Sooper Records label (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Mother Evergreen, jodi).

Unveiled below today, via an inspired animated video courtesy of Curtis Tinsley, the new track is an emphatic burst of hardcore-laced guitar-pop, a tumultuous swirl of powerful, rhythmic playing and, eventually,┬áChelsi Webster’s equally rapturous lead vocal. Slowly but definitively building itself up, the jagged guitars becoming more and more prominent as it weaves it’s way forward, it’s Webster’s voice that brings the whole thing together, the secret ingredient that turns the whole thing from something warped and wayward to fully absorbing.

The new EP is released on cassette on March 27th – but you can grab a pre-order via Sooper Records right here and now. Check out “Travis” below.

Animation by Curtis Tinsley


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