Video Premiere:

Ghost Thoughts

“David: My Father’s Father’s Father”


words by trevor elkin

Cute cats are everywhere on the internet. So is hate speech. It seems like I get distracted by one or the other every day, in different ways of course – two extremes of the tropes which serve to embed a belief that only the superficial is safe, or acceptable. Just last week, a study proposed that girls, by age six saw themselves as less talented than boys. I don’t want my daughter growing up with that belief, or afraid to challenge the biased, inch-deep values we’re increasingly expected to live by.

Rant over. Thoughts like these were all swimming about my head before I heard ‘David: My Father’s Father’s Father’, but it was the song’s gentle, understated delivery that somehow made its mark even deeper, stirring them up all over again. Former Thee AHS, Davina Shell’s new project, Ghost Thoughts aims to do something constructive and purposeful with regard to these biases on new album ‘Purple Period’. She says “each track on the album is sung by a different female voice, all Canadian, and features singers from female fronted bands like Fake Tears and Supermoon, giving a unique style on each song, as well as multiplying the number of women’s voices in a male dominated industry“.

Streaming below is Shell’s cat-themed accompanying video for ‘David’. The song sums up the everyday, undermining comments and oppressive narrative men perpetuate about the women in their lives. Whether they realise it or not, or whether they intend to cause hurt and insecurity is not the point of the song – it doesn’t excuse or vilify men’s behaviour. It’s not about them, after all. Shell just tells us a story and we listen. We reflect. We change.  

“David, stop it. I can’t take it / everyday he says I’m ugly and that is why nobody likes me”

“He’s convinced me that I’m useless / constantly I must disprove him / David says he loves me, wants me to be happy”

Ghost Thought’s “Purple Period” EP is out now – download it here



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