Fionn Regan CALA (high res)

Video Premiere:

Fionn Regan

“Collar of Fur”


words by tom johnson

It takes just a few short seconds of ‘Collar of Fur’ to know that you’re inside a Fionn Regan song. That gentle but bright weave of guitar, those first few uttered words, acting as a signature of sorts, immediately identifiable in the shape and tone, like roads walked on and explored. There’s comfort in such things, in the familiarity, but there’s also something else here, a new sense of time and place on the horizon that adds intrigue and captivation.

Previous album Meeting of the Waters felt sonically distinct, its own expedition into new pastures, and ‘Collar of Fur’ is changed once more, subtle nods to the plain-stated richness of recordings before his time, but also a harking back to the much-revered debut album, the collection that started it all. Like that tender masterpiece, new album Cala was also written at Regan’s home on the coastal outskirts of Dublin.

And these songs surely have sea and salt and wind in them. It’s there in ‘Collar of Fur’, the albums lead track, in the half-buried mysticism of it all, and, more plainly, in the lyrics which sing of doors that open onto the beach, of voices made of pearls. “It’s a mystery to me, how songs evolve,” Regan himself says. “Thankfully, they do.”

Making good on that mystery, a brand new lyric video, premiering here today, adds new levels of allurement to the bones of the song. The clip was created, produced, and directed by Aaron Anderson & Eric Timothy Carlson, the latter of which was the mastermind behind the symbolism and associated visuals from Bon Iver’s 22, A Million project.

Fleeting but beautifully evocative, ‘Collar of Fur’ is an autumnal delicacy in the heart of summer, a momentary reminder of the cyclical nature of the years, of what’s been and what’s to come: “You went out and came back in, and went out again…”

Check out the new video below right now.


‘Cala’ is released August 9th, via Abbey Records

Fionn Regan plays EartH in Hackney on October 7th

You can buy tickets here


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