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Video Premiere:

Dougie Poole

“Glass House”


by tom johnson

Positing the notion that Americana can carry just as strong a societal message in this day-and-age as it’s punk/hip-hop counterparts, Dougie Poole launches his new album, full of anecdotal reflections on the here and now, rather than through the nostalgia-laced prism that the genre so often finds itself within. Facing up to life in the technological age, and the way n which we conduct our relationships within such a time and place, Poole releases his new album “Wideass Highway” in February via JMC Aggregate, the label of Jordan Michael, who is also known as a publisher and a show promoter at NYC’s Silent Barn.

Tied in with the record’s announcement is a brand new video for new track “Glass House”, directed by Rose Schlossberg, which is streaming below for you from today. Blessed with an Arthur Russell-esque sheen, the quirky ballad is something of a dream-like persuasion, the languid guitars and nuanced vocals cutting through genre lines as if they no longer matter at all. Emboldened by a suitably compelling accompanying video, “Glass House” is both a lovable and intriguing entry-point to Poole’s 2017 work – and you can dive in to it below.

“Wideass Highway” is released on February 17th

You can pre-order it here



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