Lucy Mason

Going Home Broke


words by tom johnson

For all of the glossy exquisiteness of the compositions, there’s always been an underlying sense of quiet and isolation to Lucy Mason’s work, led, chiefly, by that most alluring lead vocal that always manages to convey more than the words spoken. And it’s that ripple of seclusion that is pushed to the fore on the beautiful new video for “Going Home Broke” – a stand-out moment from last year’s EP, and one we’re very pleased to unveil here today.

Shot in NYC, and delivered in suitably-tender monochrome, by directing duo Vasili Gavre and Mollie Ableman, the new film drifts between striking shots on the city and varying, inspired clips of Mason herself. “What we loved about the song was the interpretation of being broken, as well as the sensory musical composition,” the filmmakers say of the new video. “We choose to use metaphors in this video so the viewer feels rewarded when they create a connection and solve the visual meanings. This also allows for multiple take aways so each viewer creates their own personal connection to the song and video.”

A detailed and absorbing counterpart to a song that permits similar superlatives, the new video is a timely reminder of Mason’s craft ahead of two upcoming Sofar shows which take place in  London on February 27th and Berlin on March 12th; check out the new video below right now.




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