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Champagne SuperChillin’



words by tom johnson

Never has the judging a book by its cover expression felt more pertinent than in the case of Champagne Superchillin, the NYC-via-France psych pop band who actually make decidedly refined yet wonderfully soulful pop music, despite whatever springs to mind while reading that band name. Streaming below from today, we’re very pleased to unveil their brand new video, which is proof of the band’s decadent charm, ahead of their forthcoming show at Baby’s All Right in NYC on November 5th.

The video to latest track ‘Fragment’ is suitably erratic too, flipping between high-brow aesthetics and nostalgia-laced chic, but it acts as the perfect accompanying piece for a track that is immediately endearing; the kind of sparkling French pop we associate much more with days of yesteryear – which is just about the highest praise we can bestow upon it.

You can check out the track and video below right now; here’s a rather wonderful introduction to it from the band:

“It’s a body without organs”, whispers the ominous voice on the other end of the line.

Fragment is the invitation to a claustrophobic opulence of a french rodeo limo ride around Nashville, TN on a nervous night of May. From Bunuel’s macabre comedy “The Exterminating Angel,” to Fellini’s “Dolce Vita” and Fassbinder’s colorful, exaggerated sets; the human landscapes they capture reflect the most grotesque caricatures of our accidental society. That’s what Champagne Superchillin explore in this collaboration through the lens of director Dylan Carver with the gilded stylings of artist/designer Sinclair Tucker. “Fragment” is that sweet acid bitter love story “when you’re making the other’s absence responsible for worldliness” as Roland Barthes would write.

Yet in this companionable show of decadence, time is suspended, indulgent in the glimmer; the golden bubbles and laughter filling up the soul.

Soon we becoming incapable of escape from our own creation: Destino (Soft Junk Records). As Hunter S. Thompson would say: “buy the ticket, take the ride…”




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