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Video Premiere:

Basement Revolver

Lake Steel Oil


words by tom johnson

photograph by yoshi cooper

First covered on these pages in the summer of 2016, Basement Revolver’sLake Steel Oil‘ still sounds thoroughly invigorating, one of those poignant, swelling guitar tracks that seems to reaffirm your belief in the power of such things, no matter how many times you spend a while inside of it.

Unveiled today, the track now has a brand new video, released to celebrate the news that the band are re-releasing the EP from where it came, as a limited run of vinyl pressings via Label Obscura. Available to order now (here) the re-release breathes a little extra release in to a truly astounding debut; a sparkling, gleaming collection of songs, all led by┬áChrisy Hurn’s harnessing voice which always manages to stay afloat amid the swirling mass of scuzzy and powerful instrumentation. The suitably immersive new video is available to watch below right now; here’s what Hurn had to say about both it and the track:

“Lake, Steel, Oil is song that kind of grows and progresses with me moving through life. It starts out with me and my sister as kids watching the northern lights on Manatoulin Island. As a young adult, I moved to Hamilton while my sister moved to Alberta as a newlywed. The song turns to reflect on Hamilton – this city that I have come to love and to call home. It is a reminder that our lives are short, so we shouldn’t waste it. So I guess that those are all things that we tried to show in this video – how as a band we all have our separate lives but we all find a home (in some form or another) in Hamilton. It is what brought us together as a band.”



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