Acre Tarn | This Once

by Tom Johnson

At once both hypnotic and emphatic, Acre Tarn exist with boundaries that never appear set. Lines are blurred, landscapes shift and the whole thing seems to grow within its own haze, a lone voice occasionally making its way out of the fog, clear and direct for an instant, before shrinking back in to the dream-like instrumentation from whence it came.

This Once‘ is the duo’s debut track and it precedes their forthcoming EP, Clasp & Shake, which we can now reveal is set for release on September 15th, via Tritone. Laden with an assortment of dulled beats, the track is endlessly pretty. Led by a captivating-whisper of a vocal and bolstered by the instrumental tapestry that unfolds behind it, the tracks sense of creepy isolation is pushed further still in the bands brand new video, which we’re very pleased to premiere below.

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