Valentines Mixtape | #02; Golden Glow

by Pierre Hall

Orange Juice | L.O.V.E.

Originally an Al Green tune, this is one of the rare times when I prefer the cover to the original. And I love Al Green. You just can’t beat Edwyn’s accentuation alongside the jangle of the guitars. Plus I love the backing singers and the bits where he edges into the falsetto. Amazing.

This is why the best singers are the imperfect ones.


Janet Kay | Silly Games

One of my favourite tunes of all time – it’s so perfect, everything about it. My mum played a lot of Lovers Rock when I was growing up, so it’s also one of the first songs I ever heard and immediately conjures up strong emotional memories as soon as the intro kicks in.

Her vocal range is nuts – and she’s still playing to this day. I need to see her.

Chuck Berry | Never Can Tell

Like a lot of people I was introduced to thissong through Pulp Fiction. The piano is amazing, but it’s the lyrics that really nail it – pure storytelling. You can really imagine the scene. I love it as the main character in it is called ‘Pierre’.

Me and my girlfriend are gonna have this as our ‘coming down the aisle’ tune when we get married.


Smog | Dress Sexy At My Funeral

I love the guitars in this – the pace is so laissez faire. Of course, Callahan is a lyrical genius and his deadpan delivery suits the twisted concept of the subject matter. I love the lines ‘wink to the minister / blow kisses to my grieving brothers’. It’s so inappropriately appropriate. RIP.

Magnetic Fields | It’s A Crime

Taken from one the greatest albums about love ever made, ’69 Love Songs’ – there are so many I could’ve picked, but I’ve always loved this one. I’m not too sure why – i think it’s just so basic – i love the weird synth effects – it has a bit of an 80s vibe to it, like Culture Club or that Yazoo song, ‘Only You’.

Listenb: YOUTUBE

Yazoo | Only You

This is one of my favourite ever songs about love. I think i’d heard it before – but was really drawn to it in that scene at the end of The Office Christmas Special when Dawn and Tim finally get it together.

To me, that is one of the most perfect moments in television history – and this, the perfect song to soundtrack it to. ’All I needed was the love you gave’ – just a complete bearing of the soul. Beautiful.

Jackie Wilson | To Be Loved

It’s so old school – a stone cold classic from ‘Mr Excitement!’ himself. The orchestration is amazing, and his vocal is untouchable. It’s almost like a song a white crooner like Frank Sinatra would normally sing, but sung by a black man. There’s so much soul and longing in his voice.

Also – it’s one of my favourite ever clips in one of my favourite ever movies, ‘Coming To America’.

I simply have to post both clips below.

James Carr | Dark End of the Street

The best ever version of one of my favourite ever songs. I used to be obsessed with the version from ‘The Commitments’ until someone put me on to this. It’s just untouchable.

James Carr never really gets the recognition he deserved – but in my opinion he’s equal if not better than Otis Redding. Check it.


Dion and the Belmonts | Teenager In Love

In my opinion Dion is one of the greatest singers that ever lived and he’s almost become something of a cult hero now, especially his later stuff like the album he did with Spector ‘Born To Be With You’ which I love. For me though, his early doo wop stuff with the Belmonts will always be unsurpassable.

How exciting to live at a time when rock and roll was literally just starting out, all the songs sound like they were recorded in about an hour, all sound like they’re coming fresh out the ‘wireless’ even now. There are so many tunes around that time that were just the same chord progressions, even the same melodies being re-hashed, often by the same artists, but with Dion the quality was always a step above the rest.


Boxed In | All Your Love Is Gone

Now for something contemporary, this is just beautiful. The sound of the drums, the starkness and clarity of the vocals, the funkiness of the bass. It’s like LCD meets New Order with Television guitars. I love tunes like this that just build and build until they completely take you over, like a story or a film unravelling in front of your eyes. And you just have to get lost in it.


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Golden Glow’s brilliant new EP is out now. Stream it in full here.


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