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Us And Us Only



words by tom johnson

Beautifully filmed, but an often punishing and weighty watch, “Know” is the new song and video from Us And Us Only, the latest glimpse in to the band’s phenomenal debut album, which is due out mid-July via Topshelf Records, and follows the Baltimore outfit’s supreme run of EPs that has seen them well over the past handful of years.

Stepping up to the plate with immeasurable credence, the track’s released from the record thus far have all been quietly captivating, and “Kno” continues that run with brooding grace and power, the song holding its own against the compelling nature of the images that have been pieced together as its hefty companion. The album from which it comes is described as “an exercise in letting the light in”, a definition that stands only to highlight the darkness that swarms around their work, occasionally cracking just wide enough for their tender evocation to make it through the storm; tender vocals next to dense, ruminating instrumentals; a long stride out of the fog and in to the bright light of day.

Directed by Sofía Auza, the new video sits as a powerful fly-on-the-wall depiction of a relationship slowly souring, the flickering scenes of two lives crumbling, playing out captivatingly, the whole thing resonating far more greatly than a sub four-minute music video has the right to do. Check it out below right now.

Full Flower is released on July 14th

Pre-order it here, via Topshelf Records



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