twig twig

“1’s and 2’s EP”


by tom johnson

Earlier this year we helped to share twig twig’s shape-shifting EP, Normal Feelings, and it remains one of the year’s most alluring listens. Already back for more, however, new EP “1’s and 2’s” finds the Brooklyn producer in suitably dense-but-playful mood, swimming through a sea of shadows to present three¬†glitchy electro-pop tracks that feel weighted by mood but buoyed by a thirst for inventiveness.

Akin to stepping in to a world where time runs at a different speed to that of our own, the EP clocks-in at less than ten minutes but it feels far longer than that in actuality; the shrouded nature of the tracks creating a stifling atmosphere that feels removed from the normalcy of the real-world, like escapism of the most imposing nature. To single out the tracks would be a disservice to such sentiments and, for all the talk of suppression, the dimmed uneasiness of the whole thing is what makes twig twig’s work such a compelling trip. And so we say jump in with both feet; just don’t expect to find your way out for a while.




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