twig twig

Normal Feelings EP


by tom johnson

Conjuring sentiments and colourful visions that feel anything but, Normal Feelings is the magical new EP from the Brooklyn-based, Half Waif producing, composer twig twig and its six tracks act like a kaleidoscope snapshot of his craft, a woozy scurrying of colours and patterns that twist and turn in almost unimaginable, and always unexpected, ways.

Self-released today, the EP possesses that rare skill of managing to make weird, warped electro-pop also feel wonderfully warm. ‘Tryn Out‘, for example, is a summer breeze caught in the hustle of the city, all radiant glows interrupted by endless interaction with people and things. Of the tracks we’ve yet to hear in the run-up to this release, ‘Color Me‘ is a fragmented, soulful ballad; puzzle pieces so close to their correct places it’s difficult to see where the gaps appear. Elsewhere, ‘Get It‘ is a swirling, frantic display of clipped beats and dizzying production tricks, while closing track ‘Play Dead‘ might be the best thing here, a confident vocal unraveling across some seriously vivid splashes of electronica that sound quite unlike anything else we’ve heard in this kind of setting.

Enchanting and mysterious with a potent grip that practically begs for greater exploration, you can stream the EP in full below and grab a download via Bandcamp here.


photograph by michael george

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