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New Music:

Tugboat Captain

Don’t Want To Wake Up On My Own


words by ross jones

On immediate listen London’s Tugboat Captain honestly don’t seem like the types to come from the capital. With no disrespect intended towards those from the city, the group’s music exudes this sense of consideration and intimacy that you would’ve thought could only be conjured from within the canniest of seaside towns, or the balmy warmth of the suburbs that we currently find ourselves within. With a breath of maturity and an ability to subtly summon earnest fragility, the group’s new single “Don’t Want To Wake Up On My Own” is going to introduce the group to fresh ears near and afar.

Awash with trilling percussion as if skipping pebbles across the water, the group immerse you within the turn of the weather, as the first day of summer arrives amongst the heated afternoon and the suddenly unquestionable desire for all of this to never end arrives. Guitars mingle effortlessly with purpose as the trembling harmonies swim amongst the atmospheric foundations, each characteristic beautifully thought-out and rich with feeling. It’s suitably melancholic, quietly awakening in a swift three minutes has us in the most affectionate of moods.



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