Video premiere:

Trevor Ransom



words by sammy maine

photo by sarah grunder

Sometimes all we want is stillness. A brief moment to catch our breathe, to notice the small details, to feel something other than the constant rush of responsibility and worry. Seattle’s Trevor Ransom has captured this necessary pause with a strikingly beautiful video for the title track from his recently released Spring EP. It’s an expansive, important visual that makes room for a meditative serenity – even if it’s for a brief few minutes.

Described as an ode to his home, the video creates a tapestry of nostalgic snapshots. Featuring the familiar objects of just about any family home – framed pictures, forgotten clutter in corners and chests of childhood memories – Ransom offers a vulnerable window into his very personal space. Through his admittance, it guides us to our own homes, our own clutter and extends a welcome wandering for our minds that often run too fast. Allow yourself a moment of tranquility and immerse yourself in this poignant, beautiful work.

Spring is out now, via Hush Hush Records

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