Track Premiere:




by tom johnson

A rising duo from LA, Wistappear already won a few hearts and minds with their previous efforts; a handful of tracks that marked their up-coming new LP as a gleaming pop record to pay close attention to. Now just a week away from the release, the duo today unveil another new cut from the ‘Knack for Whatever‘ LP, in the form of the eminently playful “Overflowed” – and we’re very pleased to share it with you below.

A jaunty, shape-shifting, beast, the new track takes indie-rock as a staple blueprint and simply fills it with colour. Peaks glimmer in the sunlight, the mood drifts on regardless, and the tempo rises and falls across an instrumental that seems to breathe fresh life with each passing second. Catchy, compelling, and almost unfairly bright, given the current situations we find ourselves in, you can stream the new track below right now.


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