Track Premiere:

Western Daughter

“Exhibition on Main St.”


by sammy maine

Sometimes you miss someone so much that you start to lose a little of yourself. With every flicker of nostalgic reprise, your body turns heavy with denial, anger, sorrow; an inescapable replay of everything that went wrong. Idaho outfit Western Daughter manage to conjure up this misplaced reality on “Exhibition on Main St.” through empathetic imagery, speaking of their struggle in moving on as vocalist Taylor Hawkins devastatingly utters “Goddammit, I miss you.”

“I wrote your name in the wet cement
and I felt stupid, yeah I have to admit
but I was trying to create
something that would outlive me”

“Exhibition on Main St.” still manage to create an essence of hopefulness though – the kind of relentless pop-drums and urgent guitars that will have you bouncing through your tears, able to imagine something better, brighter. Western Daughter are here to get you through the mucky, heart-wrenching process of moving on, providing a welcome catharsis that pushes you out of bed and into something brighter.

The track precedes the band’s new album Driftwood Songs, which is released on March 24th via Take This To Heart, and you can stream it below right now.

Pre-order “Driftwood Songs” here


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