Track Premiere:


“Born Ticking”


by tom johnson

One of those labels that’s always worthy of investigation whether the end-result is the treasure you were hoping for or not, Memorials Of Distinction expands their focus today with a new song that offers something far removed from the usual crunch of lofi guitars that underpins so much of what MoD often serves up.

And so this is Viewfinder; the solo workings of one Joel Burton, who lays down scratchy, unsettled alt-country ramblings that can split the day in two if you find the space to let them. Over the course of five unhurried minutes, Burton’s attentive vocal runs across the muddied instrumentation like a single drop of moisture across a scorched and dusty landscape. With references to the universe and spirits and drunks in the church, “the mouth of the babe freshly bawling“, the lyrics make for a captivating journey all of their own, the song presenting the most compelling of narratives, desperate for attentive listening, even if the story told is splintered and ambiguous, drifting one way then the other like smoke caught in the breeze.

The first Viewfinder album, Born Ticking, will be released on cassette tape in March via Memorials Of Distinction and if you dig in to the track below you’ll be clambering for it before these wonderful five-minutes are over. Check it out now:

Pre-order the tape here, via Memorials Of Distinction


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