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words by tom johnson

Honing their craft over the past seven years or so, Kyoto trio Tricot have seen their reputation swell thanks to a body of work both beautifully-detailed and richly-crafted, a dizzying blurring of genres that simmered during their previous two records and rose to the fore via a meaty, dazzling live show which resulted in them traipsing through twelve European countries last year, as well as supporting Pixies in the UK.

Not one to set on their laurels, Tricot return today with brand new track “DeDeDe” alongside the news that the band’s third album – simply titled ‘3’ – will be released towards the end of May via the ever-flourishing Big Scary Monsters and Topshelf Records labels. What said record has in store for is will be revealed at a later date, but “DeDeDe” offers a tantilising glimpse; a gleaming three-and-a-half minutes that bends and bursts and delivers a thrilling sense of brightness that will have you clamouring for the repeat button; old and new fans alike.

Led by Ikkyu Nakajima’s breathy, alluring lead vocal, the track is a mightily robust burst of math-pop that drifts down one formless path before leaping back in to plain sight, the final minute or so a flourishing, wildly endearing display of colour and craft. Grab a pre-order of the record below, and check out the new track right here:

If you’re in the UK/EU pre-order it here

If you’re in the US pre-order it here



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