Track Premiere:

Tica Douglas

“The Same Thing”


by sammy maine

“from my bed we watch the news, ‘oh no, oh no, oh no’”

Tica Douglas is the musical equivalent of a blanket fort; a safe haven from the rushing, overwhelming noise of the outside, and new track “The Same Thing” is a cathartic reprise when things get a little too loud. Though commenting on moments of tragedy, they’re able to pull optimism from a nostalgic reckoning that reminds us that’s there always blue skies above the murkiest of clouds.

Douglas handles the depth of the world’s beauty and darkness with a graceful grit, as they realise their sense of hopefulness can only last so long. After an instrumental crescendo, they lament “without warning, I’m awake / I wish I could’ve stayed but okay” but rather than coming across as despair, their lyricism is performed with a confidence that proves Douglas’ reckoning in themselves and as an artist.

The track is taken from new album Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us, serving as the follow-up to the resounding, 2014 LP Joey. Speaking of the new record, Douglas said; “With this album, I sketched out elaborate demos, and I wrote and played most of the guitar parts on the record (all of them on this particular track), so it allowed me to kind of communicate my emotions through my own musical parts, as well as through my normal lyrics / vocal performance / song structure.”

Whereas Joey dealt with the uncertainty of identity and the quest of comfort and truth, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us sees Douglas remerge with a confident stride, welcoming and in turn, acknowledging the ambiguity of the world – that it is both beautiful and dreadful. Lucky for us, Douglas chooses to see the beauty, with “The Same Thing” providing a moment of sincerity and of comfort; it says that someone out there, somewhere, knows how you feel.

Listen to “The Same Thing” below and check out the album details.

‘Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us’ is out on May 5

Pre-order it via Team Love Records



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