Track Premiere:

The Velveteins

“Don’t Yah Feel Better?”


by ross jones

Here are The Velveteins! Arriving from Edmonton, Canada, the trio have presented a treat of an introduction to their first LP in “Don’t Yah Feel Better” – a sickly sweet guitar-pop song that hangs on the telephone waiting for you to whistle that melody you know is sat in the back of your mind.

All set to deliver their first LP early next year following the re-release of their EP ‘A Hot Second With The Velveteins‘ this year – ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better’ lights the torch with a succinct pot of gleaming production and honest simplicity. Assured, demonstrative and undisguised, The Velveteins crack out the surf-pop hooks as frontman Spencer Morphy reminds us all that everything isn’t so bad when you have a good tune in your ear and your friends close by. Stream ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better’ for the first time here today.

“I had been listening to a lot of traditional Indian music and i think that’s where the guitar melody came from. After the music had appeared so easily I decided to write the lyrics about how everything you need is there, you just have to stop and listen for it.”

– Addison Hiller (Percussion)

The band’s debut LP, Slow Wave, is released via Fierce Panda (Canada) in 2017.


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