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words by sammy maine

The noise of a break-up can be both hushed and huge. Your heart dips in and out of anger and frustration, as questions of ‘What if?’ keep you up at night. Michigan’s Swordfish expertly capture the remorse of the post-break-up process on new track “Wash”. Taken from their forthcoming album Rodia, the song opens with a confessional, quiet declaration of the crappiness that comes with losing the person the thought you once knew.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, “Wash” soon bursts into a crescendo of urgent disdain, as trumpet and chanting becomes the backdrop to a fragmented reflection of what went wrong. Swordfish have a knack for creating catchiness without the usual song structure; instead, they push dynamics to either end of the spectrum, allowing us to feel every emotion whether through thoughtful vocal delivery, truculent percussion or in the case of “Wash”, the repetition of the most mournful of lyrics.

They still manage to make the hopeless sound hopeful though, as “Wash” ends with a contemplative finale, urging us to realise that however dark these days get, they’ll pass soon enough. “Wash” is taken from their brilliant new album Rodia – mixed by Nick Diener (The Swellers) and mastered by Cam Boucher (Sorority Noise, Old Gray) – and you can listen to it below.

Rodia is out on May 5th, via Take This To Heart Records.

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