Sun Glitters | Galaxy [Feat. Sarah P.]


by tom johnson

While Victor Ferreira’s Sun Glitters project is described as a “summer obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project” there’s a real sense of wintry retreat etched in to the fibre of beautiful new track ‘Galaxy‘. Perhaps in the slowed-down tempo of it all, the way the percussion bubbles away softly beneath it all, or perhaps it’s the refined, sensual vocals of Sarah P. who lends her voice to Sun Glitters new, forthcoming EP.

Also called Galaxy, the EP combines Sarah’s vocals – which you should already be acquainted with from her previous work with Keep Shelley In Athens – alongside Ferreira’s production work and guitarist Alexander Ogg. The results are flawless; a simmering production of hushed intimacy and nuanced soundscapes which sit somewhere in your chest like memories of Summer long-forgotten, or perhaps never achieved. A beautifully crafted track; you can stream it exclusively below. The EP is released next week, a London show happens in April (full dates below).

The Galaxy EP is released next week.


Tour Dates:

04.04.2015 – CH – Geneve – Electron Festival

23.04.2015 – UK – London – The Stillery (VICE show) / „Galaxy Tour“

02.05.2015 – LUX – Luxembourg – Rockhall (special performance with cellist Lisa Berg)

08.05.2015 – LUX – Luxembourg – Exit07 / „Galaxy Tour“

// ,,Galaxy Tour“ = Sun Glitters live with Sarah P. on vocals //



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