Track Premiere:

Summer Salt

“Revvin’ my CJ7”


words by tom johnson


“Revvin’ My CJ7 is an ode to my dad, a rebel gone family man. He’d do absolutely anything for us, with his only lasting vice being the man works hard to play hard…”

As familial odes go, Summer Salt’s new single is a glowingly sumptuous one; the soft instrumentation and woo-ooh backing vox swaying like the warmest of breezes on an otherwise undisturbed days. Lifted from the trio’s forthcoming new EP (‘So Polite’, June 28th) the new track is streaming below from today and might well be one of the most delightful three-minutes of guitar-pop you’ll hear all summer.

Led by a swooning vocal that feels shaped by the same kind of exhausted, heat-fuelled lethargy that runs through the heart of the song’s own protagonist, “Revving My CJ7” is a surprisingly poignant next-step from Austin’s finest, the kind of glowing sentimental jam that forces you look to outside the walls of your own day and in to some vague space where the world and all the people you know feel a little closer.

Read a few more words from the band here, and stream the new track below right now:

“The song idea came about after he bought an old fix-me-up Jeep CJ7, rusted to the bone with an 8 ball glued to the gear lever. He never spends money like this, with his 401k being a Ziploc bag full of pennies and paper clips.

As a beer dangles from his jeweler stained fingers, he grumbles how he needs a vacation. But in his mind, it’s nothing a bumpy jeep ride can’t fix. With windblown hair and a sunburnt face, you can’t help feeling like a natural born ruffian in this post-apocalyptic cruiser.

If ya can’t get into heaven, ya best be revvin’ a CJ7.”

So Polite EP comes out on July 28th: Pre-order it here



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