Track Premiere:

Saw Black

“Rosie’s Comin’ Home”


by sammy maine

The mundanity of long-term relationships can still find their sparkle in the little things. Saw Black is an artist hailing from Richmond Virginia who reminds us of the magic in these small acts of kindness; of enjoying solitude but ultimately craving the person you become when you’re around that special someone.

“Rosie’s Comin’ Home” is a stark and stripped-back beauty that relishes in its own simplicity. Wholesome strummed chords play under a warming lead vocal that speaks of the anticipation in your house becoming your home again. Black makes the monotonous sound comforting; he makes sitting on the sofa and watching your favourite shows with someone you love sound fulfilling and rewarding; he’s unafraid in declaring his need for another person.

“Rosie’s Comin Home” is taken from Saw Black’s first collection of songs called Azalea Days, which will be out Feb 10th via Saw’s own label, Crystal Pistol Records. The album is also being distributed help by Matthew E. White and Natalie Prass affiliated label Spacebomb.

Check out “Rosie’s Comin’ Home” below.


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