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words by sammy maine

There’s a stark vulnerability to PINE‘s latest track “(Un)rest”; the kind that renders you unable to breathe in the wake of being left alone. The track, taken from new EP Pillow Talk, oozes the kind of suffocation that comes with the repetition of our own thoughts – the result of a never-ending cycle of sleepless nights and ever-aching mornings.

On their Facebook page, the band write that to ‘pine’ is to “suffer a mental and physical decline, especially because of a broken heart”. With “(Un)rest”, the Canadian outfit carve the edges of this broken heart and mould it into something eerily beautiful. This doesn’t come easy though – the work for this particular liberation is depicted through an almost listless instrumentation. There’s a broody bass undercurrent, with tinkling strums that only ever tease their worth before “(Un)rest” swells to a crescendo of emotive outpourings. The clever layering and dynamically forthright arrangement serves as the kind of cry only our pillows will know.

Vocalist Darlene Deschamps is raw and unrelenting in her admissions, offering an accessible but exposed entryway into the cavities of her past. There’s also a certain mournful quality that comes in her delivery, as if to say there is no prospect of a new fortune – we are simply left to exist as we are. Despite it’s bleak positioning, “(Un)rest” is a dazzling emotive window into something we can all relate to and you can listen to it below.

“Pillow Talk” is released June 9, via No Sleep Records

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