Panther Ray | Get To You


by tom johnson

Once described as “the Twin Cities’ new psychedelic rock hope” Minnesota’s Panther Ray have slowly played with and chiseled their sound in to what it is today; a sometimes reckless but ultimately soothing blast of glorious guitar noise. Now prepping their first release on the very wonderful Forged Artifacts label, the band are marking their return in sumptuous style with ‘Get To You‘, a brand new track which we’re premiering below.

Instinctively led by a squalling burst of guitar, the track takes shape thanks to the dual vocals which drag it kicking and screaming in to the cold light of day with the kind if languid delivery usually saved for something much more reserved. That juxtaposition between the rough and smooth proves to be the tracks real highlight; the guitars and percussion power forth, an intoxicating, head-rush of a backing track, while the vocals clamor for the spotlight, a gleaming splash of docility in otherwise abrasive surroundings.

Armed with the kind of subtle power that has pushed the likes of Joanna Gruesome to the forefront of the indie rock scene, this track immediately singles out Panther Ray not just as pretenders to the thrown, but a living, breathing champion in their own right. Listen to ‘Get To You’ below right now; scroll down for the pre-order.

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