Track Premiere:

Man Mountain

“Illumination Rings”


words by tom johnson

Long songs‘, for want of a better phrase, have always had the propensity to always feel mightily impressive upon first listen, the sheer size of any track that passes the 6/7-minute mark automatically imposing and stirring. The key to a successful long track however, lies in the hidden, small moments, the subtleties that bring us back for more and more of the same, despite the length of the adventure to even make it back there.

Premiering below today, Man Mountain’s “Illumination Rings” is certainly a long song, unravelling over eight-and-a-half voluminous, spell-binding minutes while still retaining a sense of hidden captivation throughout. The latest track to be released from the band’s forthcoming, six-track, Infinity Mirror, released on March 16th via Spartan Records, “Illumination Rings” is a colossal undertaking, a majestic concoction of Explosions In The Sky-esque melodrama and stirring, boisterous, instrumental runs that powerfully thrive and swell like the most riveting of storms, one you’ve watched approach from way out on the horizon, bold and brilliant in its display and delivery.

“Illumination Rings was one of the earliest songs written for the record,” guitarist Mike Reaume says of the new track. “In keeping with the theme of the other working titles, this one was originally called “Happy” because of it’s overall uplifting vibe, and the name “Illumination Rings” just seemed to fit that vibe perfectly. For me it brings up visuals of the kind of lens flares you see in pictures and video filmed on a sunny day,” he says, at odds to our own thoughts of billowing distant storms. “It’s also a subtle nod to our love for The Appleseed Cast, as is the song itself. There’s also quite a bit of Sigur Ros influence in this one as well (circa “Takk”), which becomes more apparent in the second half of the song.”

Regardless of where the song sits on your own weather spectrum, the new track is a huge next-step, brilliantly setting up the new record, which is released next and is available for pre-order right here.

Check out Illumination Rings below right now.




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