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J&L Defer



by tom johnson

One imagines that there aren’t many Swiss band’s flying the flag for gloomy, analog, disco soundscapes, in fact we should probably just be happy that one exists at all and, more pertinently, that they sound as gratifyingly good as J&L Defer do. Launching a brand new record on September – via both Exploding In Sound and Defer Records – the duo previously teased the release with lead track ‘Hard Fiction Road‘, a somewhat formless spread of half-buried vocals and scattered beats. For all the wonder that said track conjured up, however, new track ‘Nowhere‘ takes things even further still – and it’s streaming here from today.

Shaped by a sweeping undercurrent of submerged, drone-like expanses of analog noise, the track’s malleable shape is kept within relatable parameters thanks to the eminently fun vocal spikes that leap out and pierce the fog with an almost wilful sense of abandon. All wrapped-up inside three-and-a-half minutes, ‘Nowhere’ offers a whole new side to J&L Defer’s distinct sound and further whet’s the appetite for the associated new record. Check it out below.



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